Zac Brown Finally Has a Son!

Zac Brown (of the Zac Brown Band) once joked that he planned to keep trying until he had a son. And his fifth child, who arrived on Monday, is his very first son. Joining big sisters Joni Mason, 3, Georgia Sloan, 4½, Lucy, 5½, and Justice, 7, is Alexander Frost, according to People magazine.

Unfortunately, it looks like Daddy won't get a whole lot of time home with his new arrival, as the Zac Brown Band is due on the road later this month.

Tell us: Did you have a slew of boys or girls? And did you keep trying until you had one of each sex? (I'm the mom of 2 daughters and pretty happy about it myself!)

Image: Shelly and Zac Brown by Helga Esteb /


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