You've Got to Hear the Story Behind This Beautiful Rainbow Baby Photo

This family welcomed not one but two rainbow babies in one year. See the gorgeous celebratory photo!

Cindy and Jim Bob Haggerton suffered an unimaginable loss when their third child passed away just after birth.

A year later, though, the parents received a call that changed their lives: A baby boy who was just born needed a home. Jim Bob was adopted and wanted to welcome this child into their family.

Courtesy Birth Unscripted

As fate would have it, Cindy also found out she was pregnant again around the same time.

After their biological rainbow baby was born—a surprise boy!—Natasha Hance of Birth Unscripted captured a beautiful image of the new brothers, and also paid tribute to their third sibling in heaven.

"They welcomed TWO rainbow babies that year!" Hance told "When we did his newborn session we wanted to do something that would tie the three boys together so we did a rainbow with the two rainbow babies and a butterfly above them to represent their brother that was born the year before."

Courtesy Birth Unscripted

She adds, "[Cindy] told me she wanted to do something 'rainbow' because they are definitely the rainbow at the end of their storm, so Amanda Gipson (my business partner) and I started to brainstorm some ideas to create an image that would represent all three brothers...a brother lost, a brother adopted, and a brother born. It was a long journey for their family so the image is a reminder of the many blessings that waited for them through their storm and that their sweet baby will never be forgotten."

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