Oh Joy! has launched a new lineup of nursery items, and we're swooning over the adorable (and brightly colored!) offerings. 

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
July 14, 2017
Credit: Oh Joy!

If you're designing a nursery right now, chances are you're seeing items that fit into one of two themes: Pastels and neutrals. Soft shades of pink, blue, and gray are juggernauts where nursery decor is concerned—but if those shades don't speak to you, you're (finally!) in luck.

Enter the newest nursery collection from Oh Joy!, a brand known for its liberal use of bright colors and bold patterns. It's impossible to be surrounded by Oh Joy! items and not feel happy, and these new offerings are no exception.

Credit: Oh Joy!

Not surprisingly, Oh Joy! founder Joy Cho set out to evoke a specific mood when creating the collection. "When you create your baby’s nursery, you are creating a space they will grow in and spend so much of their time in—both playing and sleeping," Cho told Parents.com. "I wanted the collections to set the stage for a childhood full of fun colors, patterns, and images to spark your baby’s imagination. At the same time, I was inspired by being a mother myself and wanting nursery items that don’t feel too 'baby' and that I would enjoy being surrounded by while being in my baby’s room."

Credit: Oh Joy!

But mood and pattern aren't Cho's only concerns when designing her goods. "Our collection has a touch of whimsy, but function is also very important," she said. "And all the pieces fall into the same color palette so you can mix-and-match various crib sheets and swaddles so it all works well together."

"The Oh Joy use of color and bold pattern is always apparent through every collection we do. There’s also always a nod to celebrations and joy…and always a sprinkle of gold!" Cho told us. "For example, our plush animals wear party hats and have gold feet. Now, that’s a party animal!"

Credit: Oh Joy!

So if you want every day to feel like a celebration in your little one's nursery, check out these new products in Target stores or on Target.com. Oh, and speaking of party animals—if you want to dress your babe like one, stay tuned—Oh Joy!'s collection of baby apparel will be dropping soon!

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