You'll Love How One Pilot Helped a Mom of Twins Aboard a Recent Flight

When a woman with twins boarded the plane, an airline employee stepped up in an amazing way.  

If you needed to read something that would give you more faith that there are amazing, warm-hearted people out there — even aboard airplanes! — look no further than a recent Reddit thread detailing a turn of events on a recent Finnair flight.

Reddit user TomofLapland took to the social media site to post a photo of a flight captain with a baby. Another user weighed in, writing, "This story happened last thursday on Finnair. A woman with twins entered the plane, and her husband had to cancel the flight so she had troubles taking care of two babies during the flight. So this flight captain stepped in and took care of the other kid during the flight." 

Check it out.

Too cute. According to comments from TomOfLapland further down in the thread, the pilot was "an extra captain on a crew transfer flight. Otherwise he would've fed the baby in the cockpit." Ha! 

Unfortunately, there aren't too many other details being reported about the heartwarming moment, but if it all went down as the Reddit users report, surely, the mom was thrilled to have the extra pair of hands to help her while facing this challenging situation. Score one for supporting badass, multitasking—and sometimes, solo-traveling—mamas!


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