This viral "Salon Talk" video featuring a mom and her chatty baby girl has more than 10 million views and will totally make your day.

By Hollee Actman Becker

Confession: I cannot stop watching this video of military mama Kerry Robinson and her adorably sassy daughter Jayde. Succinctly titled "Salon Talk," the clip features the diaper-clad 1-year-old brushing her mama's hair while the two of them engage in a mad gossip sesh about everything from scoring free Sea World tickets to the fact that Jayde's dad asked Kerry to get up first to make breakfast.

"Daddy's trippin'," Jayde tells her mom while expertly coiffing her 'do. "He's trippin', girl."

Oh, snap! Is that child not just the cutest, funniest little thing? The whole video is simply priceless—from Jayde's exaggerated facial expressions to her repeated "Girrrllll!" I only wish I had thought of doing something like this when my own kids were little. I mean, why spill your deepest darkest secrets to some random hairstylist who's charging you upwards of $200 when you can just co-opt your own precocious mini-me for the job?!

In just four days, Robinson's hilarious video has already racked up more than 38,000 views on Instagram, and currently has over 10 MILLION views on Facebook.

"Oh..... my ....GOD," the shocked mama wrote in a status update yesterday after she realized "Salon Talk" had gone crazy viral. "I just woke up and I think my phone is broke."

So does this mean we'll get another glimpse at the tiny diva sometime soon?

We know what Jayde would say: "You trippin' girl!"

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