You Have to See This Video of a Baby Born in an Amniotic Sac

This amazing video captures the moments after an en caul birth.

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In case you've ever wondered what it would look like if a baby was born inside its amniotic sac, we now have a video!

What is an amniotic sac, exactly? It's a bag of clear, pale fluid inside the womb where the fetus develops and grows. The fluid helps to cushion the baby and provide it with fluids it can breathe and swallow. In most cases, the amniotic sac breaks on its own during birth, which is commonly referred to as a mother's "water breaking." But in rare cases -- roughly 1 in 80,000 births -- babies are born with the sac fully in tact, referred to as "en caul." 

During a recent triplets C-section birth, Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho delivered two of the L.O.s en caul. In a viral video, he captured the third baby—a little girl—in her sac for a total of seven minutes.

"Yesterday we birthed the triplets! And Joaquim was born veiled (when the waters/sac does not break). We were delighted," reads a translation of the doctor's post on Instagram. "But then came Adeline . . . she was also born en caul, and left us all admiring her as she slept soundly. We stayed (that way) for seven minutes observing her behavior as if it were still inside her belly. It's the magic of life."!

Not surprisingly, the amazing video has been watched more than 286,628 times since it was shared in early September.

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