Dara Crouch's birth photographer caught the amazing moment she welcomed a baby boy into the world, breaking a 50-year streak of girls in her family.

By Lindsay Tigar
June 22, 2017

Truth: Being pregnant and being able to grow your family with the person you love makes you feel like the luckiest lady alive. Also true: Even though you'd be happy with a healthy baby, no matter the sex, for many moms having a boy and a girl is the ultimate goal. So when a baby boy is finally born into a family after 50 years of only having gals? It's a big moment.

And one that photographer Neely Ker-Fox captured, beautifully.

Credit: Ker-Fox Photography
Credit: Ker-Fox Photography
Credit: Ker-Fox Photography

These stunning images taken of Dara Crouch, a mom who was convinced she was having another girl, are quickly going viral. It's easy to see why: The sheer look of utter surprise coupled with the excitement and emotion of giving birth make this series breathtaking.

For Neely, who photographed Dara's first birth three years ago, it was an honor to be present for this one. Since Dara is also a labor-and-delivery nurse, Neely has seen her around the hospital many times, as she photographed other births, and they grew close. But was it having a boy that produced that look of love? Neely told Parents.com, "I believe her reaction had little to do with the family history and more to do with the fact that she just genuinely thought it was a girl, and was pleasantly shocked when it wasn't."

Credit: Ker-Fox Photography
Credit: Ker-Fox Photography

Neely says one of the wonders of being able to capture births on film is the magic that comes from them. And though many moms aren't on board to allow her to share these images, Dara was game. "I have many moments like this that will never see the light of day. Although, none as amazing as this one, so I'm quite grateful for Dara allowing the world to see this moment," she shared.

And that's saying a lot, considering Neely has photographed more than 100 births in six years. Congrats to Dara—and welcome to the world, much-awaited little boy!

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