This mama photographer captured the pic of her two sets of twins just nine days after the second pair were born.

Juliet Cannici is known for taking amazing pictures of kids. She's the woman behind the adorable West on Jade Photography after all, and she's been capturing the joy and innocence of tiny babies since 2010.

But now that she's got her own double set of twins—that's FOUR kids altogether!—she's turning the camera on them and the results are amazing.

"It's possible that I could be a bit biased, but I think my twin baby girls are some of the cutest nuggets I've ever seen!" Cannici wrote on Facebook, where she posted the pic. The photo shows her "9 days new" identical twin girls Gia and Gemma being spooned by their big brother and sister—Nico and Siena, who will be 3 in April.

So stinkin' cute!!

The twins girls arrived on January 26, weighing just over four pounds. "While Nico and Siena were somewhat expected (due to science and odds), Gia and Gemma were a humongous surprise," Cannici explained to "My wife Nikki and I were mindblown throughout my wife's entire pregnancy, and we still are. We never imagined we would have four kids under 3 years old."

I only have two kids—born four full years apart—so I can't even begin to imagine what it's like. But Cannici says the experience has so far been amazing, and the older sibs are tolerating sharing their parents' attention better than the couple could ever have hoped for.

"Nico and Siena have been in love with their baby sisters long before they were even born," Cannici told us. "They are both amazingly gentle with the girls, love holding and feeding them, and look forward to the days when they can take them down slides and on tractor rides."

And as for the girls themselves, Cannici says they are wonderful sleepers, which makes them excellent models. In fact, this particular shot took only a minute or two to capture.

"Earlier that day I was trying to get a different photo with the older twins holding their baby sisters and that was a mess," Cannici said. "Later, I just laid the kids down and told the older ones to 'act goofy' and this was the second shot I took. I didn't even watermark the photo (as I normally do), and was very surprised when suddenly it was shared by various accounts on Instagram and has been liked over 100K times. Totally crazy!"

And totally amazing. To check out more adorable shots of the kids, check out Juliet's Instagram page.

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