Can we get a collective "awww" at how cute this pic is of Willow cuddling with baby Jameson?

By Melissa Willets
January 03, 2017
willow holds jameson
Credit: Pink/Instagram

Never before has there been a prouder new big sister.

Five-year-old Willow, the pink-tressed daughter of singer Pink and BMX rider Carey Hart, is beaming with joy as she holds her newborn brother in a new shot uploaded to her mama's Instagram account.

Meanwhile, little Jameson Moon Hart is none the wiser. The baby boy, who was born the day after Christmas, snoozes contentedly as his older sibling cradles his teeny body.

Willow was seemingly waiting for her bro's arrival with wild anticipation. Pink previously shared a photo of her first born practicing diaper changes on a doll.

Well, now she's got the real thing!

Except, adorably, little Willow still has her baby doll and is continuing to practice her mama skills:

I know from my experience as a mom of three that watching siblings grow up together is more or less the greatest joy on earth. And that early snuggle Willow is enjoying is only the beginning of the bond she will share with Jameson. Of course, the brother and sister will fight, too. That's all part of it. But there is nothing like having a sibling. It's a built-in playmate, for life, no matter what.

Until Jameson is big enough to play with, however, there's no doubt Willow will be an enthusiastic helper to her star parents. My older girls always were. I relied on them quite a bit, whether it was to grab me a diaper or an outfit change for their little sister, or to fetch my phone as the baby slept on me so I could Google "cradle cap remedies," or to entertain the newest member of our family for two seconds so I could run to the bathroom!

How did your older child help out with a new baby?

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