This Indiana photgrapher creates the coolest newborn photo shoots on her floor, filled with fairy-tale characters, fantastic adventures, and even dinosaurs.

By Hollee Actman Becker
Precious Baby Photography by Angela Forker

If you've ever imagined your newborn baby soaring through the stars, slaying a dragon, or being delivered by a stork, you have to check out these amazing images from photographer Angela Forker.

Precious Baby Photography by Angela Forker
Precious Baby Photography by Angela Forker
Precious Baby Photography by Angela Forker

So cool, right?

When Forker became a grandmom five years ago, she took every newborn photography class she could. Then after being inspired by photographer Adele Enersen's floor scenes, she decided to launch Baby ImaginArt—her own whimsical series of baby photos that feature unique set-ups she crafts on the floor using fabric and other objects.

There's the newborn baby boy who's gone fishin' but appears to have fallen asleep on the job:

Precious Baby Photography by Angela Forker

The little girls who are floating away through the clouds with their teddy bear and a bunch of colorful balloons:

Precious Baby Photography by Angela Forker

And the hilarious photo of a brother and his little sister running away from a T-Rex—who, it turns out, are Forker's own grandkids:

Precious Baby Photography by Angela Forker

"[My grandson] said, 'You need to make one with a T-Rex for me!' And, as any good grandparent would do, of course I agreed," Folker told "Adding his 5-month-old baby sister Daisy to it made it even more exciting."

Forker plans to add other dinasuars into the mix sometime in the future: "A couple scenes I can't wait to do are of Ricky and Daisy riding a plesiosaurus across a river," she told us, "and another one of them fighting a triceratops. When these kids grow and see these photos of themselves doing something impossible, I hope they will look at their life and believe that anything is possible!"

On Folker's website, you can view a ton of other cool setups—from an NHL player and a 50s-inspired newborn rocking out in a leather jacket next to a jukebox to Rapunzel in her tower, and a baby decked out like Santa on a snow-covered rooftop.

Folker even did a special set-up for herself, in honor of her 49th birthday:

We can't wait to see what she has planned for her 50th!!

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