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Would You Try the Self-Propelling Smart Stroller?

Meet the stroller that has climate control, video monitoring, and even drives itself.

smartbe self propelling stroller Smartbe/Vimeo
Smartbe calls itself the first intelligent stroller in the world. Using motion-tracking technology, this futuristic pram follows you wherever you go, according to a marketing video on Vimeo. So it stops when you stop, and mirrors your movements, frontwards and backwards.

A user can control settings using a wearable device, including putting the carriage in "Self-Propelled Mode," allowing you to control it completely hands-free. Need more control? Try the "Assist Propelled Mode," which doesn't force you to do any of the heavy pushing, but your hand can still rest on the handlebar. The "Manual Mode" shuts off the engine, allowing you to use it like any old stroller (except this one costs $3,000). And did we mention is features a bottle warmer, as well as climate control? Oh, and there's a video monitoring system, too.

All functionality, including adjusting the canopy, and even piping in some soothing music for baby, is controlled via your smartphone, which you can actually charge on this futuristic gear. It'll even alert you if you've walked too far away from your stroller; you know, for when you forget you have a baby.

There's a single and double version of the Smartbe, which the designers tell was inspired by their own experiences as parents. "I'm the father of two girls and I've had that problem when one wants to be in your arms and the other wants to be pushed," says Mark Ramondt, Smartbe's Argentina-based CFO.

"It's an expensive product," he added, "there's no doubt about it. But think of it as a first. Having new technology is expensive at first. I think in the U.S. a Tesla will run you about $80,000. Think of the first iPhones—they were expensive."

Of course, the stroller isn't being sold in stores yet, but you can buy a non-self-propelled version on Indiegogo now. That is unless, like me, you're waiting for the flying stroller that comes fully-equipped with its own robotic baby feeding and diapering system.

Would you try the Smartbe?

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