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August 01, 2014

Holy Blue Ivy! Nursery Works, the high-end crib company that counts Bey and Jay Z as clients, just unveiled a few new cribs that make your Jenny Lind look as stylish as a dog bed. While they won't change dirty diapers or put your baby back to sleep at 2 a.m., these luxe nests will make your nursery look like something straight out of Architectural Digest.

The one I'm only-in-my-wildest-dreams swooning over? The uber cool Contour (pictured). At a whopping $7,500, it's the most expensive of the new models, and easily the most space-age looking, reports the New York Times. (Maybe it's the asymmetrical wooden slats, which are made of organic "3D skin" and designed to look like a wave?) And you get some bang for your buck here (as you should, for this price!) -- the crib changes into a bassinet should you want to baby to catnap in something fancier than a co-sleeper. (Let's be honest, though: Lots of cribs, even inexpensive ones, can be converted for other uses, like a toddler bed.)

The other two cribs are pretty sweet, too, and start at a still-way-out-of-my-budget $3,900. This is as much as a semester of my college tuition! Even so, they're way cheaper than Dodo Bassinet's solid gold cot, which will set you back a staggering $16.3 million.

Feeling flush? The new Nursery Works cribs are available for pre-order now and are scheduled to ship out later this month. Tell us: What's the most you'd spend on your baby's crib?

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Image of Contour Crib courtesy of Nursery Works 


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