Woman Gives Birth in a Nail Salon. OMG!

New Jersey mom Anna Rubinstein clearly wanted to primp and relax a little before giving birth to her second child, so she stopped in to a local nail salon for a manicure, pedicure, and foot massage last Wednesday. Can anyone blame an expectant mama for wanting to look (and feel) good before childbirth? But let's just say things didn't exactly go as planned...

As NorthJersey.com reports, Rubinstein's salon visit wasn't exactly relaxing, but it was exciting: She left having given birth to a baby boy. Hello, crazy childbirth story!

According to the news site, Rubinstein was already in labor, and her water broke while she was at the salon. But considering that her first labor, with daughter Danica, age 3, lasted almost two days, the expectant mama understandably didn't think she needed to rush right out to the hospital. (Talk about a faster second labor!)

Luckily, a fellow salon patron was a nurse, and helped Rubinstein deliver in the bathroom. Rubinstein's hubby arrived in time see his baby boy, named Damien, arrive, and an ambulance followed.

It's a crazy childbirth story, to be sure, and one that follows the recent report of a New York woman who gave birth on a Manhattan street. (Shudder. Just...shudder.)

We're just happy that everyone seems to be doing fine.

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Tell us: Do you have a crazy birth story?

Image of a pregnant woman painting her nails courtesy of Shutterstock


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