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More and more moms-to-be plan to have a home birth—but I doubt anyone would want it to go exactly as it went down for Tampa, Fla. mom Krystle Garcia! Krystle's water broke—and just as she and daughter Jazmine, 8, were on the phone with 911, the baby started to emerge. The 911 operator helped talk Jazmine through the birth, telling her to get towels and hold the baby's head. When paramedics arrived, they helped Jazmine finish the job, and welcome baby brother Joseph James Snyder to the world. Krystle says her daughter was amazing. "She definitely stayed calm when she needed to," she told local TV station WFTS. "I was hysterical!"

Kudos to Jazmine on a job well done, and on having such grace under pressure. I only hope my own kiddos could manage that level of courage in an emergency. (Though let's hope that they never need to!)

Tell us: Did you give birth at home? If you did, did you have your other children participate in the birth? 

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