Even though it came out months ago, it seems like we just can't shake Frozen's anthem, "Let It Go." If it's not popping up on the radio, we're seeing tons of videos of people belting it out in their cars. In fact, "Let It Go" spoofs might just be as popular on YouTube as funny cat videos -- and that's saying something.

Just when I thought we were all, well, letting the song go, some people had other ideas. (Sorry, Scott S. Kramer.) As a recent crop of videos proves, the song can really apply to anything. Exhibit A: the one by University of Chicago's med school residents singing about work ("Don't let them in, don't let them see, how I look up this stuff on WebMD."). But for my money, I'm partial to the spoofs involving parents and their kids. For a while, I was a sucker for 4-year-old Maddie and Zoe's heartfelt cover (man, what lungs!). Then I was all about Deva Dalporto's hysterical rendition about life as a mom of two ("Let it go, let it go, it's okay to shower at noon."). But my new all-time favorite? The awesome video below of dad Billy and daughter Blakely singing the song in the car. I don't know what makes their duet more adorable, Blakely's tiny arms shooting above her head during the crescendos or Billy announcing, "Remix!" when he blanks on the lyrics. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Tell us: Are you over "Let It Go" spoofs yet? Which one is your favorite?