Tyra Banks recently sat down to talk with Seth Meyers about how shared a photo of her L.O. -- and immediately wished she hadn't.

By Maressa Brown

Tyra Banks went a whole year without sharing a photo of her little boy York Banks Asla on social media. But the supermodel quickly came to regret posting the shot of her son.

"It wasn't so much that I was itching for the world to see him," Banks said during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday, July 27. She says she was caught by paparazzi while celebrating Father's Day with her dad and little York at the beach -- and Banks was worried that they got a shot of her L.O. So, she did some quick strategizing to "beat them to the punch." "I pull over the gas station after they get the shot, I text his dad and I'm like, 'I've got to put this picture out before the paparazzi," Banks explained. "I don't want them to make money off our child and have the first picture.' So, I posted the damn picture."

After that, she kicked herself, because she found out that there weren't any paparazzi photos. "Mama knew how to hide that camera," she joked. "She's a supermodel for ar eason! And so now his picture is out there, and I didn't need it to be!" That said, she's glad she was the one to share the first shot of her baby, as opposed to a magazine getting first dibs.

Totally understandable that she'd want to be the one in control of her baby's image. Granted, this isn't an issue non-famous moms have to face necessarily, but grappling with how much or how little to share of your kiddo on social media is definitely something all parents need to think about these days!

As a result of how things played out, for better or worse, everyone is gushing over little York, who appears to be "smizing" -- or smiling with his eyes -- in the shot that Banks posted. Although she vehemently argued that she's no stage mom, Banks couldn't help but admit to Meyers that her son "has that thing!" He sure does, mama!



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