Why This Viral Instagram Account Nails What Your Baby Is Thinking

Every mom I know has a camera roll full of selfies taken by her baby. You know the ones -- a frame full of forehead and (if you're lucky) maybe some wisps of hair, an eye, and a sliver of mouth. While most of us send them straight to our virtual trash cans, Mommy Shorts blogger and mom-of-two Ilana Wiles came up with a pretty fantastic way to put them to good use (h/t Today.com).

Inspired by the first selfie taken by her tot, Harlow, who turns 2 next week, Wiles started @insta2yearold, an Instagram account that offers a tongue-in-cheek look at life through the little girl's point of view. Accompanying the nearly three dozen photos (nearly all of which have been taken by Wiles but are made to look like Harlow could have shot them) are captions that are part Stewie Griffin, part someecard.

Which is to say that @insta2yearold is sarcastic, irreverent, and wildly funny, much like the very popular Twitter account Honest Toddler (of which Wiles is a big fan). It's also totally relatable, which probably explains why this still-new account has already gone viral and has more than 46,000 followers as of this writing. Wiles-as-Harlow is clearly in the zone with us -- and our babies. To wit:

* On a breakfast of frozen waffles and syrup: "Say what you will about my mom's cooking skills, but she can defrost one helluva waffle."

* On watching Toy Story: "Step 1: Run around wreaking havoc until Mommy and Daddy need a time out. Step 2: Sit back, relax and enjoy the show."

* On creative solutions: "I hid my Halloween stash where I knew no one would ever find it. In the closet next to Mommy's free weights."

It's like she's reading my kiddo's mind! Now it's your turn: Can you relate to @insta2yearold? Do you ever wonder what your baby is secretly thinking?

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Image of Harlow courtesy of @insta2yearold

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