Whoa, This Mom Gave Birth -- in Two Minutes!

Talk about a quickie birth!

Mary Gorgens, 35, of Sydney, Australia, was pregnant and at home during the early hours of January 30. She awoke to use the bathroom when she suddenly felt her baby's head starting to come out. She quickly woke up her husband, Simon, who found his wife giving birth on the bedroom floor -- and in just two minutes, their son, Brody, arrived! (h/t Cosmopolitan)

"I had no inkling, no feeling, no pain. He was two days early, I really wasn't expecting it that day," Mary told Daily Mail Australia.

Made with @nocrop_rc #rcnocrop Brody Harrison Gorgens ♥ 30/01/15. 3.08 am. 3.9 kg. 52 cm. Mummy & Brody. Precious moment for this mumma! Just welcomed my 5th beautiful baby into the world! Delivered by daddy on our bedroom floor, in a 2 minute labour! Epic! #brodygorgens #babynumber5 #beautifulboy #mummyandson #lovethesemoments #imsoblessed

Mary is actually known for her fast labor and delivery, which has gotten shorter and shorter with each child. "My friends joke that I could sneeze and a baby would pop out," the mom said.

Only her first child, Max, was born in a hospital. Mary labored for a total of two hours before arriving at the hospital to give birth within 12 minutes. Both her second and third kids were born in the car on the highway while the couple was still en route to the hospital. Her second child, Ava, was born in 90 minutes while Sienna was born even quicker -- within 50 minutes. As for her fourth child, Mary also had an unplanned home birth. Like new baby Brody, Mila was born at home on the bedroom floor, in 10 minutes! Also, both Sienna and Mila were born still encased in their amniotic sacs, a rare occurrence.

The short labors have meant that Mary's given birth without epidurals or any pain relief, while Simon has become the expert in delivering babies. But the mom and dad are thankful for welcoming five babies without complications. "I'm lucky because even though we weren't in hospital, at the end of the day they went smoothly and they were all healthy. It's amazing what your body can do," Mary said.

We couldn't agree more!

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Photo of Mary Gorgens with baby Brody courtesy of Mary's Instagram account


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