Did This Woman Have the Shortest Labor Ever?

This mom gave birth in just two minutes, and while it might be the shortest labor and delivery ever recorded, a fast or precipitate labor is not always a good thing.

An Australian mother wins the award for shortest labor ever after giving birth to her fifth child in two minutes flat. And was she surprised? Not at all. Amazingly, she's never been in labor for longer than two hours.

It all happened when Mary Gorgens got up to go to the bathroom, two days before her baby was due, where she was surprised to feel her son's head crowning. She quickly woke up her husband, but when he ran to the bathroom himself, thinking he had time, it was too late: She had already delivered in 120 seconds!

The amazing mama said she felt "no inkling, no feeling, no pain" ahead of the birth and was not expecting the baby that day. But her friends might have: They like to joke that Gorgens "could sneeze and a baby would pop out."

They might be onto something: Her first baby was born just 12 minutes after Gorgens made it to the hospital, her second child was born in an hour and a half, and she gave birth to her next two children in the car.

"I don't have pains for hours on end beforehand," she said of her labor. "It's intense for a short amount of time. It's pretty crazy. I've had five go that way and they have all been quicker than the last."

What is Rapid Labor?

The technical term for a quick delivery like this is a "precipitate labor." It's defined as any birth that lasts less than three hours and usually culminates in the baby coming out with an, ahem, spontaneous expulsion. Although less time in the delivery room sounds like a dream, a speedy labor and delivery can have its problems, like vaginal tearing and higher rates of maternal complications.

While a precipitate delivery can't always be prevented, doing regular prenatal exercises, like strengthening your pelvic floor, can help build the muscles you need to have the best delivery you can.

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