Plane flying over a highway

Talk about wild places to give birth! Two moms in two different cities recently delivered their babies in "exotic" locales.

Sarah Kam of Omaha was already experiencing contractions when her husband, Hugh, started their 30-minute drive to their midwife, reports Yahoo! Parenting. But before the Kams could make it, Sarah felt the baby coming. She quickly yelled for her husband to pull over. Hugh quickly stopped the car on a ramp, just in time to catch his daughter. What makes this story more amazing is that Sarah also gave birth to her second child, a boy, on I-80 last year. (The first child was born in a hospital.) "We wanted to avoid this happening again, but it not just happened, it happened in the same place ... Lightning does strike twice in the same place," Hugh shared with Omaha Metro.

Though Sarah Kam gave birth on land, another mom gave birth in the air! CNN reports that a woman went into labor shortly after takeoff on a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to San Francisco. Luckily, a doctor and nurse were aboard the plane to help deliver the baby. The mom's name and the baby's name and gender have not been revealed. ABCNews also reports that this is the second time a woman has given birth on Southwest Airlines -- a baby boy was born during a flight from Chicago to Salt Lake City in 2009.

These moms definitely have memorable birth stories to share with friends and family!

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Image: Airplane flying over a highway via Shutterstock