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Whoa: See This Mom Give Birth in the Front Seat of Her Car!

woman gives birth in car
We've all heard the wild birth stories where the mom-to-be comes this close to delivering her baby in a car on the way to the hospital, but swoops into the parking lot in the nick of time. That wouldn't be the case for one Texas woman, who delivered her third child in the front seat of a moving car—while her husband filmed it all with a GoPro camera positioned on his lap.

Of course, a passenger-seat birth wasn't part of the plan for Lesia and Jon Pettijohn. Nope, the couple was prepared for a traditional delivery they could capture on camera. But their kiddo had other plans. As the Pettijohns were en route to the birth center, Lesia's water broke and she quickly realized the baby was coming—stat. As we see in the now-viral video he took, Jon earns the title of Best Birth Partner Ever and, maybe, Best Multitasker, too.

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After about 30 seconds of Lesia's guttural screams and body shakes, he calmly asks, "Do you need to take your pants down?" Her answer? A shaky "I don't know," which all things considered is not what most of us would have said.

As she declares that "it's coming out! The head is out!" Jon says, "All right, well..." and tugs gently at her pants and unbuckles her seat belt. Again, all this while driving and filming. I mean, this guy's as cool as a cucumber.

In fact, he manages to hold it together even after their 10-pound newborn has been delivered right there in the front seat. "Do you want me to stop or keep going," he gently asks his screaming wife, followed by an upbeat, "All right, we had a baby!"

Like the MacGuyver he is, Jon also somehow had the wherewithal to remind Lesia that their son, Josiah, needed to be held upside down and patted on his fanny. Oh, and he awesomely asks for a high five while his stunned wife holds their child, and wonders aloud "if we still have to pay for using the birth center." Seriously, somebody hire this guy to teach a birth class.

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After lots of requests from family and friends, the couple decided to post their video on YouTube so their loved ones could relive the moment with them. Not surprisingly, way more people than that have stumbled upon the record of Josiah's unusual birth—and Jon's preternatural calm. As of this writing, more than 7.7 million people have watched it. Check out the full video below for yourself, though—caveat—there are a few images some may consider graphic:

Way to go, Lesia and Jon, and congratulations on your baby boy!

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Screen shot of Lesia Pettijohn courtesy of i8thacookies via YouTube