By Lisa Milbrand
June 02, 2014
Shona Carter-Brooks baby in train 25362

One bride took baby wearing to an extremely controversial extreme—and dragged her newborn baby behind her on her train! Shona Carter-Brooks of Jackson, Tennessee, secured her one-month-old daughter Aubrey into the ruffles of her Vera Wang wedding dress for her walk down the aisle. (No word on when during the festivities the baby was finally removed from her spot as a "something new" bridal accessory!)

While the couple's friends and family have jumped onto Facebook to support their decision to trail their baby behind them in the ceremony, others have called for Child Protective Services to become involved—and I can't say I blame them. While Shona's baby should definitely have been part of the festivities, placing her on the train puts her in harm's way—all it would take is someone to trip or stumble, and poor Aubrey would have been stepped on and seriously hurt. (And based on the number of footprints on my bridal dress train, it was happening a LOT at my wedding.) It would have been much easier (and safer) for Shona to just carry her daughter in her arms, have a friend or family member carry her in a moses basket or in their arms during the processional, or even put her in a cute baby carriage to push down the aisle. (I used to work at a bridal magazine, and I've seen all of these as perfectly lovely options for including a baby in the wedding ceremony.)

Tell us: If your children were at your wedding ceremony, how did you include them in the festivities? Would you ever consider something as extreme as carrying your baby in your bridal train?

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Image: Facebook: Mrs.Brooks2013 / Via


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