After a photo of an adorable 7-month-old who looks just like John Legend went viral, the famous couple responded to the growing hoopla.

By Maressa Brown

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and baby Luna may be ridiculously cute, but they're not the only adorable ones stealing the internet's heart right now. Last weekend, photos of a baby boy who looks just like John Legend went super-viral on Twitter. Seriously, you have to see just how much the 7-month-old looks like the singer.

Twitter user @MrMenziN shared the collage, writing, "Explain fam @JohnLegend."

The photos have since been retweeted more than 17K times, and there's been a major bandwagon effect. Check out some of these other "John Legend babies."

So cute! John Legend himself weighed in on the flood of baby pics, retweeting a fan who wrote, "I think the reason all these babies look like John Legend might be that John Legend looks like a baby" and tacking on, "Exactly."

And yesterday, Monday, July 3, Teigen took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the tidal wave of Legend lookalikes. Apparently, she's over it -- full-stop!

At the same time, she's more than happy to share sweet posts of one Legend lookalike -- and that's Luna, of course! After John babies swept Twitter, Chrissy shared a way-too-adorable clip of Luna getting her groove on to mama's rap-like reading of a children's book.

Yep, there's one "John Legend baby" Teigen, Legend, and the rest of us will never tire of gushing over!


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