Who needs a smash cake when you could a have a smash cheeseburger? Or better yet, lots of smash cheeseburgers? But not everyone is a fan...

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt

The smash cake tradition has been around for some time, but these days, parents are putting their own twists on the tradition. We've seen smash cake photos recreated with Nutella and Taco Bell menu items...and most recently, a big ol' pile of cheeseburgers.

Laura Stennett Photography

Lauren Ashcraft had her adorable son, Liam, pose with a collection of McDonald's burgers, and the little guy was absolutely lovin' it. Ashcraft enlisted photographer Laura Stennet to shoot the photos.

Laura Stennett Photography

The images feature baby Liam surrounded by the burgers (and no, he didn't eat all of them!) and doing what babies tend to do: Examing his props carefully and giving them a taste test for good measure. Unfortunately, mommy shamers came out of the woodwork to slam the shoot—because you know, the sugary cake typically used is far nutritionally superior to cheeseburgers. Sense the sarcasm. The shaming was so bad, the photographer was forced to address it on her Facebook page.

Laura Stennett Photography

But Ashcraft is a total boss, and she and Stennett shut the haters down in the most hilarious way: They had Liam's equally adorable twin sister, Lola, pose for a shoot of her own...only this one featured the little lady posing in the midst of an array of organic produce. Amazing, right? We are all about this mom's sassy clap back to all the unnecessary hate!

Laura Stennett Photography

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Whether they feature deliciously greasy burgers or fresh veggies, we know one thing: We're lovin' these cute photos!


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