The mother of seven posted a PSA about another mom who left her baby in a dirty diaper in Target.

By Hollee Actman Becker
September 29, 2017
baby in shopping cart
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I'm a pretty big fan of Tara Wood, the mom of seven who I told you guys about earlier this week after she saved her house from being burned down by her son's errant sweat sock, in what turned out to be only the beginning of her worst morning ever.

The Georgia mom and writer—who later got her daughter to hand over a dead squirrel by bribing her with a bag of Doritos and a fudge pop—has always seemed like exactly the kind of savage mom I'd want to be friends with. The kind who "laughs through the f*ckery" as she likes to say. Who keeps it real, does what she has to do to get through each day, forgives herself when she screws up, and then moves the eff on.

Which is why I was a little caught off guard by a car confessional video she posted on Facebook about one of her recent parenting adventures in a local Target.

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"If you are in public with your baby who has obviously had catastrophic diarrhea and has this horrific odor around him that has, like, weight and mass and there's green fog circulating around him and he smells like he just s*** out a dead man, everyone else can smell that too," she explained. "So when you say, 'Oh, Jameson are you pooping?' Um, yeah. Jameson is not going to answer you. But I will.' And that's why after the third time this lady today at Target asked Jameson, who was maybe 4 months old, if he had a poopie, I said, 'I'd like to confirm that Jameson does have a poop and there's a family restroom at the front of Target and you should probably take him there to change him.'"

Now on the one hand, I totally get where Wood is coming from here. Because like she goes on to explain, "Nobody wants to hang out and shop the clearance section with you when you've got a baby that smells like it just s—t out 15 hard-boiled eggs." True story. And we have all been there.

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But haven't we all been that other mom, too? The one who is just trying to buy whatever the hell it is she came into Target for and get out of there as quickly as possible? The one who probably already feels insecure about leaving the house with her four-month-old in the first place?

We're gonna go ahead and cut Wood some slack here because she is usually such a big proponent of women supporting other women. And who knows, maybe she was struggling with something of her own when she posted her rant that day in the car, like she was the day she shared this vulnerable message:

Bottom line: Parenting is hard stuff. Which is why we think it's just as important to look out for the mamas who are losing their sh**, as is it to support the ones who have kids who keep smelling up the joint.

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