After witnessing a mommy-shaming IRL go down in her local Starbucks, Rachel Hollis took to Facebook with a video rant about parents who judge each other.

At first glance, Rachel Hollis seems like one of those perfect Pinterest Moms who can do things like style a bar cart or whip up a healthy breakfast parfait in a mason jar, all while looking impossibly glam. And perhaps she is—after all, the mom-of-three is the brains behind The Chic Site, which carries the aspirational tagline: a better life in simple, achievable steps.

But Hollis also knows a thing or two about #MomFails. I mean, this is a woman who admits she started her site after her Thanksgiving turkey caught on fire. And so, after hearing one pregnant mom shame another for not breastfeeding in her local Starbucks the other day, so took to her Facebook page to rant about all the mamas out there who don't support each other.

"I just watched a total stranger shame a total other stranger, who is, by the way, like, 10 months pregnant, in a freakin' Starbucks," she begins. "And so I'm just gonna take a quick moment to say: you are not allowed to tell anybody else how to live their life. How dare you. You are not allowed to shame another mom who is likely doing her very best—you don't know her story; you don't know how hard it is."

So true! Being a good parent is a constant struggle, and we all get tripped up sometimes. What gives any of us the right to judge someone else's journey, when we are all just trying to successfully make it through to the next day?

Hollis then goes on to explain that while she thinks women who breastfeed are incredible, not everybody has that ability. "Whatever the reasons are, you don't get to judge," she says. "Please be kind. Please know that you don't know her story, even if you look at her and make a snap judgment that she should be doing something better, that she could be doing something better—that is not your place. Your place, as a fellow mom and a fellow woman, is just to love and encourage her where she is. Please, be thoughtful with your words."

Amen! When all else fails, just be kind—it goes a long way.

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and mom of two who writes about parenting and pop culture. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Instagram.