The actress and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, gave their second daughter a very chic baby name. Get the scoop on what it means!

Blake Lively and Ines
Credit: Getty Images

After a long two months we finally know what Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have named their second child. The younger sister to 2-year-old James—who made her debut just last week when Reynolds was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—is named... Ines! At least that's what Us Weekly is reporting.

If they're right, Ines Reynolds joins a short list of other famous types with the name, including French model and fashion designer Ines De La Freesange and female conquistador Ines de Suraez. Ines was also the name of a character in Jean Paul Sartre's existentialist French play "No Exit", and of Sofia Vergara's character in the 2014 movie Chef.

Let's take a look at the history of the name, shall we?

Ines is the Greek form of Agnes. It means pure or virginal, and it's a popular choice thanks to its inclusion in heartbreaking real-life story of thwarted lovers Queen Ines of Castro and King Peter of Portugal.

Haven't heard it? Then allow me to get you up to speed. Prince Peter fell in love with the lovely Ines but their relationship was forbidden by Peter's father the King, who had Ines exiled. Peter followed her and continued the relationship anyway—until his own father had her murdered. The dramatic circumstances of their relationship—plus Peter's eventual revenge on her killers—and the legend of her posthumous coronation have made Ines de Castro a frequent subject of art, music, and drama.

Pretty fitting for the daughter of two celebs with serious star power, dontcha think?

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