We Heart This Dad's Letter About How He Loves Babying His Baby

This dad's sweet post reminds us that our babies are little for such a short time. Cherish it.

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Reddit user Tim_1989 is every mom or dad who has ever questioned whether they had what it takes to be a good parent. In an amazingly heartfelt and honest post, the proud papa—who has a 10-month-old little boy and a baby girl due in March—detailed his current morning routine with his little one, as tears fell from his eyes.

"We have this routine going at home in the morning when little mate wakes up," he began. "Mum wakes up first, she will get him, change his nappy, make a bottle and put him in bed with me to sleep until I need to get up for work. As you can appreciate, the routine isn't always amazing and it generally entails me waking up early because he wants to cry, or just... yeah, cry."

Ah, yes. So many of us have been there!

"On Tuesday morning, Mum brought him in," he continued. "When I rolled over, the most melt-your-heart moment happened when he crawled right into me, cuddled me, and fell asleep. He never cuddles me! I'm not sure this description of the moment does it any justice, but I freaking loved it."

So sweet! Dad then goes on to explain that he was always a guy who, during his wife's pregnancy, would question whether or not he would enjoy having a kid, or even love the kid. Not anymore.

"I love watching him develop, I love hanging out with him," he explained. "I love watching him laugh, and I strangely love watching him get upset by the most trivial things. I love his innocence, and he is ultimately fulfilling."

This is one dad who truly gets it—and who is also well aware that this precious time won't last forever.

"You always have people saying 'oh don't baby them....'," he wrote. "Well, I love babying my baby. He's a baby, and he's only going to be a baby for so long. Soon enough, this baby will not want to cuddle me anymore, or not want to sleep with me anymore, or not want me to hold his hands while he walks so i'm going to enjoy every little moment with him while he lets me."

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So. Much. YES! My kids are 10 and 14 and I still feel this way. Just this past weekend my daughter was sick and asked to sleep in bed with me. And as my now-teenager came over to my side of the bed to snuggle, I couldn't help but pull her in and smile. As our kids grow older, these moments become all the more fleeting, so we need to stop and take them all in where we can get them.

Which is why, as his son's first birthday quickly approaches, Tim_1989 is already looking ahead. "It seems like yesterday he was born, and next month he is one," he explained in his post's comment section. "I can see how it goes in the blink of an eye. How long do you reckon the cuddling after work lasts? I love coming home to my son crawling to me with a smile as soon as he hears the door. Maybe i'll have to incorporate something 'cool' when he gets older like a secret handshake or something so he still wants to see me when I get home."

Not a bad plan at all, Dad!

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