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We Can't Get Enough of These Freshly Picked 'Winnie the Pooh' Baby Moccasins

Freshly Picked is the trending baby shoe of choice these days, and who can get enough of Winnie the Pooh? If you like moccasins for your newly walking toddler, then you won't be able to resist spending the $60 on something this cute.

Oh Bother Mocc Courtesy of Freshly Picked

Branding a product towards millennial parents is simple when abiding by two key strategies: playing up the nostalgia factor and creating aesthetically pleasing goods. We can’t seem to help but be full-on obsessed with anything that falls under that description—so when Freshly Picked created their Disney Baby line of Winnie the Pooh-inspired moccasins, let’s just say we fangirled. Really, what is cuter than baby shoes…we’ll wait.

With multiple color options, you may find that the sweet, friendly face of Pooh Bear in his signature, golden glory would look adorable on your baby.

Winnie the Pooh City Mocc Courtesy of Freshly Picked

The "Tigger City" moccasin is a no-brainer for the adventurous, energetic sweetie in your life. We love that each style is fit for a different personality. 

Tigger City Mocc Courtesy of Freshly Picked

Between the understated, beautiful “Hundred Acre Wood City Mocc”, or the pretty, pastel “Pooh & Pals City” pair—any option is going to receive a collective “aww” at first sight.

Hundred Acre Woods City Mocc Courtesy of Freshly Picked

Pooh and Pals City Mocc Courtesy of Freshly Picked

Really though, check out the gold detailing on the "Hunny Pot" moccasin—sweet is an understatement.    

Honey Pot Mocc Courtesy of Freshly Picked

For $60 a pair, we are the first to admit that these itty-bitty slip-ons aren’t very bank account friendly—but you are promised high-quality shoes. Let’s be real, these aren’t getting tossed aside or donated to a friend the minute your baby outgrows them—these are the pair you cherish forever.