By Sherry Huang
January 08, 2015
Shooting star across a blue sky

There's a really heartwarming video called "Wishes for Baby" from Fisher-Price, and you're going to love watching it. Just make sure to have some tissues handy as you shed tears...of joy!

The short film features real babies born around the world on New Year's Day. The first half of the video focuses on pregnant moms (from such far-flung places as Africa, India, Japan, and Brazil), and the exciting-nervewracking moments leading up their labor and delivery. The second half of the video centers on babies after birth, with various moms speaking in different languages about the wishes they have for their newborns. Despite the cultural differences, there are similarities in wishes -- mostly, that the babies are loved and that they grow up to be happy.

Some inside scoop about the video: over 15 hours of footage was filmed in 7 countries across 5 continents and in 10 hospitals, with a focus on 26 families and 27 babies. All the footage was then collected and the entire video was edited down to a 90-second film -- within 24 hours. Definitely a labor of love. Whew!

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Image: Shooting star across a blue sky via Shutterstock