Nev Schulman and fiancée Laura Perlongo just had a baby, and they have a few things to say about the state of postpartum care in our country.

laura perlongo postpartum care video
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My daughter was born eight weeks early and spent her first month of life living in the NICU. It was a seriously scary time for my husband and I, and leaving the hospital every night without our baby girl pretty much sucked.

But looking back now, 14 years later, I am able to see just the teensiest hint of a silver lining. Those four weeks gave my postpartum body the time it needed to properly heal, and the amazing NICU nurses schooled me every day on all the things I needed to know as a clueless first-timer.

This might not sound like a big deal if you live in a place like Iceland, Germany, or the Netherlands, where your basic healthcare plan gives you access to in-home help for up to eight weeks after giving birth. But here in America, most new parents only get ONE postpartum doctor visit, and not until about a month and a half after their baby is born!

Enter Catfish star Nev Schulman and his fiancée, Laura Perlongo—who welcomed their first child, daughter Cleo, on October 21—and who are now taking on the postpartum struggle in a funny and eye-opening new video.

For starters, the proud mama cops to being in tears for the entire first week after Cleo arrived. "The American system is setting moms up to fail," she explains while perched on the toilet. "It's basically saying you should already know how to deal with mastitis, engorgement, and infections down there."

She's not wrong. The new parentals then go on to explain over coffee—at least we think it's coffee, though if it's actually straight vodka we def wouldn't judge—how having extra care in the home can help decrease both the infant mortality rate and the number of cases of postpartum depression.

Pretty interesting stuff. Watch the video in its entirety if you think Americans deserve more professional help after having a baby—or if you just want to check out the awesomeness of Nev nailing the whole diaper-changing thing.

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