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Watch This Baby Get Adorably Upset Every Time Her Parents Kiss

We totally feel your pain, Ella!

A kiss may be just a kiss. But for one little baby girl, a parental peck on the lips is all it takes to send her down into a major jealousy spiral.

Meet Baby Ella. She's the adorable little girl in a now-viral video who was just innocently gazing at her daddy's face, when he suddenly decided to lean in and plant a big noisy smooch on her mama. The previously-happy tyke was clearly grossed out by the exhibition, because she immediately popped a pouty face and then burst into tears.

"Our baby girl got very sad when Mommy and Daddy shared a kiss in front of her," Dad Matt explained on YouTube, where he later posted a clip of the debacle. "She's jealous for sure!"

You think?

Matt's wife Kristen also shared the video over on Facebook. "Our 'always happy' baby girl has a weakness," she explained in the caption. "She gets very sad when her Daddy and Mommy kiss. Apologies for the gratuitous P. D. A. but you've got to see this!"

And so does Baby Ella—over and over again. Because after the Kissy McKissersons addressed their kid's outburst by busting out in giggles and assuring her that they love her, they then turned towards each other for a repeat performance—and their daughter once again promptly produced the waterworks.

We know what you're thinking, Ella. Something along the lines of "Get a room!" And we so don't blame you. We would totally throw a fit if our parents had a shameless kissfest in front of us, too. Don't worry though, sweetie—you'll be able to get your revenge in about 14 years or so. XOXO!

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