This grass-phobic little baby girl is clearly a gymnast in the making. Watch as her parents try and fail to get her to put her feet into the green stuff.

By Hollee Actman Becker

I may live in the suburbs, but I am a concrete jungle girl through and though. I HATE anything that involves walking or playing or hanging out on the grass. Couldn't even tell you why, but outdoor fields have always been my Kryptonite. Gimme an indoor court with some bleachers and fluorescent lighting, though, and I'm good to go! Which is why it was a seriously happy day for me when my 11-year-old son came home and told me that he wanted to quit soccer and focus on basketball.

In unrelated news, he's now my unconditional favorite.

Anyway, you won't be surprised when I tell you that I find this adorable little baby girl from Georgia totally relatable. Her name is Kai, and she is SO not down with popping a squat on the lawn. In fact, every time her dad tries to put her down on the grass, the 11-month-old kicks her legs up like Simone Biles in full straddle mode to avoid touching it.

Just watch:


Too cute!

Kai's dad Pazi D posted the hilarious video of his grass-phobic kid on the Urban Dads Facebook page and over on YouTube, where he titled it "Youngest kid ever to know the floor is Lava,"—a reference to a popular new social media challenge making the rounds—and then wrote "My 11 month old daughter turns into a gymnast around grass!"

Sure looks like a future Olympian to us. Watch your back, Final Five!

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