Watch the Moment This Mom First Holds Her Preemie and Falls Head Over Heels in Love With Him

This emotional video shows a new mom holding her premature baby for the first time.

My daughter was a preemie, born eight weeks early. She lived in the NICU for a month. It was a tough time for my husband and me, one I remember like it was yesterday, even though it's been almost 14 years.

We were lucky enough to hold our baby girl for a few minutes before she was taken away from us and placed in an incubator, her home for the next four weeks. But even so, we were allowed to hold her again every few hours. My husband and I lived for those moments. So I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like for Jessica Collinson, whose newborn son Hugo was taken away by doctors for more than two days following his premature birth.

"The reunion was emotional, to say the least," Hugo's dad Micheal Burritt told The Daily News. "I had been able to see and hold him while Jessica was in recovery."

Hugo, who was born 10 weeks early, needed to be transferred to a NICU in a different hospital. But Collinson had had a C-section, and therefore needed to recover. It took 60 long hours before she could finally hold her baby.

"I was hungry to see him, to hold him, to touch him," she said. "The only thing that kept me sane was knowing that Micheal was able to have skin-on-skin time with him."

The video was posted to the Love What Matters Facebook page on February 16 and has been viewed more than 7 million times.

"This is a video of the first time Jessica held her 10 week premature baby, Hugo," the caption reads. "After being delivered by c-section he was quickly whisked away to the NICU to be evaluated. Jessica was only briefly able to see him as she needed to recover as well. It wasn't until almost 60 hours later that Jessica was finally able to hold her baby boy for the first time. I took this video hoping to catch a moment, never did I anticipate seeing the exact moment that she fell completely in love with him. The bond between Mother and Son immediately solidified. I hope that this video can show people that Love is the most important thing in anyone's life. Without it we will simply exist, when the goal is to live."

Truly amazing! Or as one commenter put it: "That is so beautiful [it] makes you want to cry with her."

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.


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