These dads will always have their buddies to commiserate with about parenthood!


Last week we shared the story of a baby boom that took place during wildfire evacuations in Canada this past summer. This week, we bring you an account of another baby boom, but this time, it was seven babies born among six firefighters in one small town in Kellogg, Minnesota, in just five months.

Volunteer fireman Tim Hermann told the Post Bulletin about realizing around Christmas last year that so many babies were about to be born, "It was, holy cow, we're going to have all these new kids in town. Like, who's next?" His first child, a daughter named Harper, was the last of the seven babies, born in July.

Seven babies may not seem like a lot, but consider that the town in which Hermann and his fellow firefighters live, has a population of just over 450 people. "It’s been a fun ride, well, everyone loves babies!" Hermann told Parents about the dads. "We are all doing pretty well. Some are getting more sleep than others, but as for me and my wife Jada, and our baby Harper, I can’t complain." He added that most of the families get together frequently, babies included.

Another new firefighter dad, Ben VanLoon, sees the benefit in becoming parents around the same time as his buddies. He told the Post Bulletin, "We've all got to talk to each other and figure out how to do this. All of us guys on the fire department, we all get along, we can joke about it at trainings. It's funny how it all worked out, all (born) within five months, and Tim McDonough ended up with twins."

The McDonoughs had a boy and a girl; in total there were five girls and two boys born in Kellogg to the fire squad. The new dads and their mini-firefighters were recently photographed together during a local festival, in which they also rode in the parade.

Explained VanLoon, who welcomed a daughter, Brielle in February with his wife Kari, "The (babies') moms were talking about it, and I can't let anything go calmly. So I got my trailer and wrapped it like a fire truck, made it look like a ladder truck. A few of the guys came over and helped."

The tots, adorably, wore coordinated outfits. There's even talk of recreating the photo every few years at the annual festival.

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VanLoon also joked to the Bulletin about plans to add to their family, "[Me and my wife] joke now that since ours was first, I'll call [the other firefighters] and let them know when we're thinking of having a second, so we can start planning again."

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