Born at just 22 weeks, a baby boy named Cullen Potter was given a 2% chance of survival. But at five months old, the little fighter was thrown a "graduation" ceremony in the NICU, complete with cap and gown. 

By Maressa Brown
August 29, 2018
premature newborn baby feet
Credit: Praisaeng/Shutterstock

At just five months old, a baby boy from Milton, Florida named Cullen Potter participated in his first graduation ceremony—from the NICU. Cullen Potter was born at 22 weeks, weighing 13.9 ounces, according to Tampa's WFLA.

According to his mother Molli Potter's recent Facebook post, a local hospital "flat out said they would not save him before 24 weeks and he had a 2% chance to live." But the Potters opted to transfer, after Cullen's dad Robert "called 16 hospitals in 3 states to find one that would save him. They acted like transferring was pointless, that trying to save him was pointless. Well, here he is. Alive and thriving. Never give up."

The baby boy is obviously a fighter, and after having spent 160 days at the University of South Alabama Children's and Women's Hospital in Mobile, Alabama, he was discharged. But not before he was fully celebrated by the staff and his parents.

They even got the 6-pound baby his very own cap and gown—from Build-A-Bear. "We were [at Build-A-Bear] with our older son and my wife was looking and thought it would fit Cullen," Robert Potter told ABC News. "The hat was actually a little big."

Although nurses at the hospital usually do a send-off for babies like Cullen, this was the first time they actually had a "graduation ceremony."

The hospital posted the video of the beautiful moment their Facebook page, and it has since gone viral, wracking up 179K shares.

Congratulations to the Cullen family! Their heartwarming, hopeful story certainly deserves a round of applause.