Update: Baby With Massive Brain Tumor Gets a Second Chance

"This is a story with a very sad beginning and a very happy ending," said one doctor of baby Abigail's miraculous prognosis.
Abigail's Joy Facebook page

Last month, we learned about Abigail Jones, the baby in Florida who was born with Down Syndrome and what doctors thought was a massive, malignant brain tumor that would be impossible to remove without killing the tiny girl. The outlook was bleak—parents Erika and Stephen resigned themselves to the fact that their daughter's life "will be weeks or months, not years." Though they were grieving, they were nonetheless determined to make whatever time they had with Abigail happy and filled with love.

Their beautiful story—and their stunning family photos—quickly went viral, and the world collectively offered its sympathies to this young family, myself included. While their story greatly moved me, I figured it was all we'd hear from the Joneses.

Thankfully, I was wrong.

As their heartwrenching tragedy was making headlines, Erika and Stephen Jones were seeking another opinion, this time from the doctors at the prestigious Boston Children's Hospital. Two doctors there—Alan R. Cohen, neurosurgeon-in-chief and Mark Kieran, chief of neuro-oncology—reviewed Abigail's MRI and suspected her brain tumor might not be cancerous.

So the family headed to Beantown, where Abigail underwent another MRI. This time, the imaging bolstered the doctors' hunch that the tumor wasn't malignant. Shortly after, the brave little girl underwent a complex operation to remove the large mass, which was successful. (Chills) If that's not enough, Dr. Cohen believes the tumor won't return, which means Abigail has been given a clean bill of health. "Her prognosis is excellent," he told ABC News. "This is a story with a very sad beginning and a very happy ending."

Abigail's Joy Facebook page

Naturally, Abigail's parents are beside themselves. They quickly shared the miraculous news on their Facebook page, Abigail's Joy, writing, "Praising Him this morning! So consumed with joy. Can't hardly breathe looking at this beautiful girl. My girl. I get to keep you!! I can't wait to see your story unfold. To tell you how you are a living testimony of healing. Amazing. Overwhelmed!"

Yup, couldn't have said it better myself. Congratulations to the Jones family on this most incredible story!

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