Unbelievable Photos of a Toddler Performing Crazy Stunts!

This toddler's got talent! (And so does his dad!)

You won't believe these photos of Maddex, now one-and-a-half years old, performing daredevil stunts. His dad, Brandon Hill, is a Seattle-based photographer who started a photo series called #MaddStunts that features his son in hair-raising scenarios, like hanging from one tree branch like a modern-day Tarzan or balancing like a gymnast on the edge of his crib. There are also fun photos of him in Seattle tourist spots -- like being stuck to the famous gum wall near Pike Market. The photos are often accompanied by funny captions.

The magic of Photoshop is evident, and Hill photographs backgrounds and baby separately. In fact, Hill usually takes between 75 and 100 shots of Maddex. Hill's wife holds Maddex in specific poses so that every nuanced move and expression can be captured for the perfect (and most realistic) melding of images.

Some of the photos are posted to Hill's Instagram, and they're incredible for capturing Maddex's glee and mischief. "I'm inspired by his personality and the infant-to-toddler transformation," Hill told Yahoo! Parenting. "His personality is definitely on the daring side and he doesn't seem to believe in risk. So the series is a heightened reflection of his and my experience."

Check out more photos of Maddex!

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Photos of Maddex/MaddStunts courtesy of Brandon Hill's Instagram

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