They may live 10,000 miles apart, but that cannot break the bond between these twin brothers, who are now fathers to babies with the same birthday.

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Identical twins Gareth and Stefan Kershaw live 10,000 miles apart. But their differences end there. Consider their wives are named Kate and Katie, respectively, and that the dads had babies on the same exact day, even though the due dates weren't the same.

Gareth's wife Kate learned she was pregnant first. But the very next morning, Stefan's wife Katie found out she too was expecting.

Stefan, who lives in England, told the Daily Mail about the doubly good news: "We were so shocked. We had been thrilled at Gareth's news as they had been trying for a brother or sister for their son Finlay, now 1. But we hadn't been trying." He added: "But Katie had been feeling off color, so when we heard Gareth's news, she decided that she would do a pregnancy test anyway. When it came up positive we were so shocked. [Gareth and I] couldn't believe that both our wives were pregnant at the same time."

His brother's baby's due date was October 7, and Stefan and Katie's was October 10. But the twins, who lived near one another in the UK until about three years ago when Gareth moved to Australia, would find their wives in labor on the same day nine months later.

"Kate and Katie were texting each other to say that they had both gone into labor. But then Katie's labor pains subsided, whilst Kate went to hospital and delivered baby Harvey," explains Stefan. "But then a few hours after Harvey's delivery [Katie's] pains started again." Baby Imogen was born soon thereafter.

"If Harvey had been born 20 minutes earlier then his birthday would have been the previous day. And Imogen just made it on the 13th of October in the nick of time," the proud new dad says, adding, "When we knew that both our wives had given birth on the same day, we couldn't believe it. All the family were flabbergasted."

Even more flabbergasting is that the babies beat 150,000-to-1 odds to be born on the same day. It's pretty incredible. There truly must be something to twins sharing an unbreakable, lifelong bond, even from several continents away. The new babies will meet in May, incidentally, when Gareth visits the UK.

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