Twins Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham delivered their sons, Roman and Aaron, a little less than four hours apart. Talk about #twinning!

Credit: Courtesy Danielle Manara Grant

Thirty-year-old fraternal twins Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham were born one minute apart, attended the same schools their whole lives, and both ended up living in the same town after they got married. Now they have one more thing to add to their #twinning list. Actually, make that TWO things, because the sisters recently gave birth to baby boys on the exact same day, in the exact same hospital!

So cool!

According to Grant, the girls didn't plan to get pregnant at the same time. "We had always talked about how amazing it would be for it to happen together, but we definitely didn't think it would happen on the same day," she told "Kim found out she was pregnant after I came over with some tests [for her], and she made me take one because she knew we were loosely trying, and mine was also positive. We were shocked!"

Even when the sisters were given matching due dates of April 22, they didn't think they would both go into labor on the same day. They did, however, admit to purposely syncing up their induction dates once April 22 had come and gone—and we don't blame them!

Grant—who already has a 2-year-old daughter—gave birth to son Roman first at 11:42 am, and was then able to watch Kim deliver baby Aaron later that afternoon. "That was such a cool part of doing it together," she told us. "We are always together anyway, so moving forward we can't wait to share every milestone and event."

Credit: Courtesy Danielle Manara Grant

In fact, Grant says she and Abraham are already thinking of first birthday ideas, and have started buying the boys matching clothes. "When one of us buys something for our son, we usually just grab a second for the other one," she said. "[We're] looking forward to making memories together as a family!"

So sweet! Now if only they had gone for the matching socks.

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