The mom was 28 weeks pregnant when she went into labor at 42,000 feet!

By Maressa Brown
April 09, 2017
Credit: Sally Anscombe/Getty Images

Plenty of moms are caught off-guard when they go into labor, but one mother on-board a Turkish Airlines flight late last week got a real surprise when her baby decided to make her debut at 42,000 feet!

The L.O.'s mom Nafi Diaby was 28 weeks along at the time and had complained of birthing pains while the plane was up in the air between the Guinean capital Conarky and Ougadougosu in Burkina Faso, the airline stated.

They also took to Twitter to share this sweet birth announcement, alongside photos of the cabin crew holding the lil' girl, who was named Kadiju. "Welcome on board Princess!" the airline wrote. "Applause goes to our cabin crew!"

As you can tell from the sweet -- but also gasp-inducing! -- photos, the crew really stepped up and helped deliver little Kadiju. According to The Sun, one of the flight attendants who helped with the birth, Bouthayna Inani, said: “The mother gave birth while standing, and we received help from several other passengers.” Amazing!

Both mother and daughter were in good health, according to the airline, and when they touched down in Burkina Faso, they were taken to the hospital.

Diaby was well within the safe 36-week mark most OB/GYNs say is the point at which pregnant women should avoid air travel. Of course, airlines have their own policies. According to the Turkish Airlines website, the airline allows moms-to-be to fly up to their 28th week of pregnancy without a note from their doctor.

Congrats to Diaby and her family on this beautiful, albeit quite unexpected, birth!


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