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Tiff the Barbie Is Your New Favorite Millennial Mom on Instagram

More than 10,000 people are following the doll on Instagram as she journeys through pregnancy, marriage, and motherhood just like other millennial moms.

Tiff the Barbie Is Your New Favorite Millennial Mom on Instagram

Ever wonder what would happen if Barbie grew up and had kids? Or if she had just stayed exactly the same age all these years and is now a gorgeous, social media savvy Millennial Mom? Yeah, me neither. But someone else way more genius envisioned just this scenario, and then brought it to life with an amazing Instagram account that chronicles a Barbie named Tiff's every cool hipster mama move:

In "need" of some new makeup 💄#sephora

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Grocery shopping at Costco. 🍎🍉🍌:) KEN's FOOT OH NO HAHAHA

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This is exactly what my husband and I looked like when we went grocery shopping a few weeks after our daughter was born. Except, you know, not at all. But hey, imagination, life is your creation, amiright?

Oh, and hi Ken! Digging the hair!

Meanwhile, on May 19, Tiff's loyal Insta followers were treated to a surprise announcement:

That's right—baby Kelly is gonna be a big sis!

And six days ago the preggers mama posted an adorable gender reveal that featured her seriously cute bump:

It was right around this time that the account hit it's 10,000 follower mark, and the creator used her own voice in the caption to thank her fans:

"TEN THOUSAND FOLLOWERS," she wrote. "THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW!!! I'm literally just posting pics of barbies. I never never never NEVER thought I would have so many people be interested in what I'm doing. If you ever get hate for doing what you love please IGNORE IT, as long as you're happy and not hurting anyone keep doing what you love."

Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

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