A total stranger swooped in to cut up a mom's food so she could eat while breastfeeding.
Stranger at restaurant cuts mom's food while she is nursing so she can eat breakfast while breastfeeding.
Credit: Briar Lusia Mcqueen/Facebook

Happens every time: You sit down in a restaurant with your baby soundly asleep in an infant carrier, so you order lunch, enjoying your momentary flirtation with freedom. Then the minute the food arrives, your baby suddenly decides to cry out and make it known that she is the one who is ready to eat.

Welcome to motherhood: where the struggle to eat a meal before it gets cold is all too real.

Just ask Briar Lusia Mcqueen. The brave new mama recently headed out for breakfast with her eight-week-old son Jaxon in tow, only to find that the little guy wanted to nurse as soon as the waiter brought over her breakfast. Because of course!

So the selfless mom began to breastfeed her son, while her meal just sat on the table untouched—that is, until a complete stranger came over and began cutting up her food for her!

Mcqueen was so touched by the amazing gesture that she decided to share the story in a Facebook post that has now been liked by over 281,000 people and shared over 10,000 times!

"Just wanted to share this really sweet moment I had this morning," she wrote. "Today was the first time I went out for breakfast alone with my 8 week old son, I had just received my breakfast and hot chocolate when Jaxon started crying wanting his booby so of course I fed him, after a few minutes this older lady walked up to me."

"I was scared, thinking she was gonna tell me to put my boob away," she continued. "Instead she starts cutting up my breakfast for me and said 'what a good mama you are, we can't have your food getting cold can we'. I honestly could have cried ... loveliest lady EVER!!"

Mcqueen is hoping that by sharing the story she will be able to find the amazing woman who stepped in to save the day. "I was so surprised and in complete awe of her, I forgot to ask her name," she told Metro.co.uk. "I just thanked her over and over again... she just walked off like it was nothing."

Sounds like a true superhero to us! We sure hope you find her. And in the meantime, nurse on, mama!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website holleeactmanbecker.com for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.