Warning: Grab the tissues. Beyond-emotional commercial ahead.


The song "Beautiful Thing" by Grace VanderWaal is enough to make even the Bounty paper towel guy cry. But couple the tear-jerker ballad with a moving Windex commercial about a dads' special relationship with his daughter over the years, and forget about it! Tears. Are. Flowing.

You read that right; the commercial is from a glass cleaning product, as part of its "Give Life a Sparkle" campaign. Windex posted the 3-minute ad to Facebook, where it promptly went viral. Because, sniff, all the feels.

First, we see the dad's wonderment at the birth of this daughter, and how overwhelmed with love he is from moment one. Already crying!

Mom's there too, but this commercial focuses on the dad and daughter bond from the day he drives his new family home from the hospital, to the day she takes her first step. Through the years, and despite being separated when he goes off to work on a boat, it's clear—get it?—that this dad and daughter are deeply connected.

And she's growing up fast. She's a teen, and her dad suddenly becomes sooo annoying! But she still loves him! Then, sob, she graduates and moves away, leaving her parents behind. She gets married. Whimper. Finally, the story comes full circle, and the daughter becomes a mom, and her father relives the wonder he felt at her birth. Snivel.

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The message: "What's between us, connects us." Did you notice the many windows and mirrors featured in the ad? Gotcha Windex. We love it. But a little warning next time please? I wouldn't have put on mascara this morning!

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