This Will Be the Must-Have Gift for New Moms

Bow down: This mom just started a business that sends new moms all the stuff that was off-limits during their pregnancy.

Mum's Back
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When I was pregnant with my daughter 15 years ago, I craved a big, rare steak and a nice, cold beer. With my son, it was sushi and Starbucks.

"If you don't bring me a spicy tuna roll and a venti pumpkin spice latte after I pop this baby out, we are totally getting divorced," I remember telling my husband at the time.

I know what you're thinking—Could my requests have been anymore basic? Probably not. But there's just something about being told you can't have something that makes you obsess about it even more, and a knocked up mama-to-be wants what she wants, right?

Too bad I wasn't smart enough to see the opportunity at play here and run with it. Because that's exactly what Sally Bunkham did. The UK-based mama has just launched a business called "Mum's Back" that sends hampers full of all the good stuff that's off limits during pregnancy—wine, soft cheese, pate, coffee beans—to new moms.

"I had my first baby (who's just turned 3) and during that pregnancy the concept started bubbling away when I was missing all the foods and drinks I wasn't allowed," Bunkham explained to Mashable.

After finally giving birth, Bunkham says she was showered in gifts from friends, but most of them were focused on the baby. "I thought to myself: 'What about me?'," she recalled. "I'm the one who's just gone through pregnancy and am feeling totally lost now. It would have been nice to have something for me.'"

And just like that, Mum's Back was born. With the help of her software developer husband, Bunkham built an internet-based business where customers can shop online for hampers for new moms, or even pre-order one for an expectant mama who will then receive a card to let her know a surprise is on the way.

"It's all about mum getting a bit of her identity back after the physical and emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy and childbirth," Bunkham explained.

So brilliant. For now, Mum's Back is only shipping to the UK, so you'll need to DIY this gift for your friends—or send a hint to them, if it's something on your wish ilst.

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Now, if she could just make a version for dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of raising a teenage daughter, I'd be all set.

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