This Video of Newborn Firsts Will Make Your Day

We want to help you have a feel-good Friday, so watch this super sweet "Firsts" video from Pampers

The video is tied to Pampers's "Firsts" campaign, which highlights the first milestone moments that moms (of all races and backgrounds) and babies experience together. Gentle piano music plays in the background as the video takes you through a journey of crucial mom and newborn experiences pre- and post-birth.

The beginning scenes show mom's "firsts" during pregnancy, such as seeing Baby on an ultrasound monitor and feeling baby move in the womb. Post-birth scenes alternate between mom and baby "firsts," like the first cry, first grasp, first feeding, first group hug, and a mom's first (few hours) of continous sleep!

There's no doubt that the scenes in this video will tug at your heartstrings!

Plus: if you loved this video, watch the equally sweet Fisher-Price #WishesForBaby video.

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Image: Mom and baby sleeping together via Shutterstock

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