A simple video is all anyone can talk about online, and in about two seconds, you'll see why.


A seemingly simple video of a newborn baby getting her hair washed has taken over the Internet. Indeed, with more than 24 million views, the 2-minute clip has gone mega-viral to say the least.

"My daughter getting her hair washed," the video, which was posted to dad Taveon Glenn's Facebook page, is captioned, simply.

Go ahead and click play. Because you'll see in about two seconds that it's how much baby Amira is clearly enjoying having her hair washed that is so delicious to watch. She basks, and smiles, and zens-out, and seems to very clearly be thinking, "Aww, life out of the womb is good!"

When the nurse bathing her goes from gently scrubbing her scalp to rinsing out the suds, that's when this adorable baby truly finds her bliss. Then, here comes the hair brush. Not a peep of dissatisfaction!

Of course, every baby gets a first bath, so why has footage of Amira's proven to be so popular online? Glenn told The Huffington Post, "I think it went viral because so many people like babies. It touched many hearts and even gave lots of people 'baby fever.'"

Um, yeah. I'll count myself among that group's numbers ! But anything having to do with babies gives me what my husband calls, "the fever." I'll admit this video is particularly fever-inducing, though. Because, wow. She is just so darn cute! And I love how she is just in that moment, loving life.

In the end, this video also serves as a great reminder that as adults, we should try as much as possible to put stress aside, and be in the moment with our children. It's a skill they are so excellent at; whether they are being bathed, or engaged in a story, or playing with a new toy. Children aren't worried about how they'll get all the chores on their to-do list completed, or whether there's enough milk to last until the morning. They are just taking it all in, completely organically, which is so, so beautiful to behold, and beyond therapeutic to practice.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.