Unicorn food, decor, and outfits made this first birthday party a fantastic sparkly bash.


Unicorns are super-trendy right now. From Unicorn Poop cupcakes and Unicorn Snot body gel, to all the unicorn makeup looks that took over Coachella last weekend, the magical and sparkly one-horned guys seem to be everywhere. Even Starbucks has gotten in on the action with its new whimsical, color-changing Unicorn Frappuccino, available starting today.

Baby Unicorn Theme Party theme
Credit: Jodi and Kurt Photography

While we're not exactly sure what's behind this mystical trend, we do know it's made its way down to the toddler set. Just check out this amazing unicorn-themed first birthday party, shot by Jodi and Kurt Photography:

Baby Unicorn Theme Party 1
Credit: Jodi and Kurt Photography

Pretty epic, right?

Baby Unicorn Theme Party 2
Credit: Jodi and Kurt Photography

Baby Elliott is the first child of Kat Sanchez and Chip Koskiniemi, and according to their party planner Emily Butler of Karson Butler Events (who also orchestrated the couple's 2014 wedding), the theme was chosen long before unicorns became a big thing.

Baby Unicorn Theme Party 3
Credit: Jodi and Kurt Photography

"During Kat's wedding planning process, TLC's Say Yes To The Dress featured 'The Unicorn Dress' episode featuring Kat and the nickname just stuck," Emily explained to Parents.com. "Though no rainbows or unicorn decor was featured in their wedding design, we knew we would take the theme and run with it if Kat and Chip had a daughter one day! Fast-forward to January 2016 and our unicorn wishes and dreams came true!"

Baby Unicorn Theme Party set up
Credit: Jodi and Kurt Photography

Kat and Emily knew that if they going to tackle the theme, they needed to go all out. And since bookshelves are the first thing you see when you enter the venue, Emily decided to highlight each cubby with a mixture of balloons, unicorn decor, and photos of Baby Elliott:

Baby Unicorn Theme Party 5
Credit: Jodi and Kurt Photography

She also designed a custom dessert table and had three cakes—one for show, one for eating, and one for smashing!—plus an assortment of cookies, macarons, rainbow bark, and "unicorn poop" marshmallows:

Baby Unicorn Theme Party hot chocolate
Credit: Jodi and Kurt Photography

Yum! Our fave part of the party, however is definitely the "Unicorn Feed" bag favors, made up of a combination of sweet kettle corn, pastel mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips.

Baby Unicorn Theme Party feed
Credit: Jodi and Kurt Photography

Too cute! What are the chances they've still got some leftovers and are willing to share?

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