"I can't wait to hop in the car and run errands with my child," said no parent ever. If you're not trying to snap your baby out of a crying jag with a one-handed backwards version of "Twinkle Twinkle," then you're mouth-breathing while an explosive poop fills up her diaper. (Side note: what's up with the timing of those?) Oh, and yeah, you're also trying to remember to keep your hands at 10 and 2, give people the right of way and always use your turn signal.

I mean, really.

Apparently, the engineers at Toyota are no strangers to the perils of traveling with kids and have designed what can only be described as every parent's dream car. It's a Sienna minivan, yes, but it's a minivan that's going to help you get from Point A to Point B without feeling like you've just run a marathon. That's because it's equipped with two magical features, the AP reports. The first, "Driver Easy Speak," lets you speak into a built-in microphone that will amplify your voice through speakers in the backseat, making hollering over your shoulder a thing of the past (though feel free to continue shouting back there if needed). Best part? The feature only works for the driver, meaning your baby's shrieks won't be any louder than normal.

The second bell and whistle sure to win over parents is the "pull-down conversation mirror," which lets you check on the kids without having to turn around. The feature is optional, but I can't for the life of me imagine why a parent wouldn't spring for it. Sparing yourself the agony of twisting around in the middle of a traffic jam to deal with a baby tantrum has got to be worth the extra cost.

But you'll have to endure the road trips and errand-running without the high-tech help for now. The 2015 Sienna doesn't roll into showrooms until this fall.

Tell us: How do you handle your baby's meltdowns while driving? 

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Image of 2015 Toyota Sienna interior courtesy of Toyota