For Baby Stella's first birthday party, this Iowa family swapped a traditional smash cake for tacos—her first food. And it was pretty extra... extra cute.

By Lindsay Tigar
July 07, 2017
Lyndsey's Photography

While you'll likely plan, oh 18 birthday parties, for your children over the years, the first one might feel like the most important one of all. Even though chances are pretty solid that your baby won't remember the first time they tasted sweet, delicious, birthday cake, you'll have the photos (and the Instagrams) to illustrate their initial introduction to treats. But what if your family has less of a sweet tooth, and say, more of a craving for guacamole and chips? Or an epic burrito or taco? That's what the Ogden Family in Cedar Rapids, Iowa had in mind when they started planning their daughter, Stella's first birthday.

Lyndsey's Photography

Lyndsey Wright, who had been photographing the family since mom Jordan was pregnant with Stella's older twin sisters, brainstormed the idea for a twist on the traditional smash cake. Since the two had grown to become friends, Jordan was chatting about how they were planning on the 1-year-old bash being fiesta theme, thanks to the family's favorite cuisine. "Jordan shared that one of Stella's first foods was rice and beans. The family had eaten out at a local authentic Mexican restaurant every Wednesday since she was born. It was her love for rice, beans, and tacos that inspired the party," Wright told

Lyndsey's Photography

The result? Some pretty incredibly epic first birthday parties that we can all relate to. Who wouldn't want to bury their face in taco goodness?

Lyndsey's Photography

And while this one might just be our favorite, Wright is no stranger to smash cakes, considering she shoots upwards of 40 a year. But after a while, they started getting redundant and she decided to challenge parents to think outside of the sheet cake box. "I started asking parents if their babies had a favorite table food and if they'd want to do a smash with that instead of the traditional cake. I've done donuts, Christmas cookies, BBQ, spaghetti, popsicles and more," she shared.

Talk about a nom-nom-nom good time for these babies! Happy birthday, Stella!

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