This Sweet Baby Honors Both of His Parents' Careers in Adorable Photo

Little Enzo's sweet photo shoot celebrates both his firefighter mom and police officer dad.

Enzo Anthony Crnolic is a one month old whose parents both work in civil service careers. His mom Caroline is a firefighter for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, and his dad Mirza is an officer with the Jacksonville Police. In order to honor and celebrate these incredible professions, little Enzo took a super-sweet photo back in March, which showcases him at just 9 days old just casually catching some Zs on top of his mom's firefighter hat and dad's police cap:

newborn photos with firefighter and police parents
EP Photography

Pretty amazing—he really just looks so peaceful there!

"Sweet Little Enzo—So cool that mamma is a firefighter and daddy is a policeman!" the photographer, Erica Posluszny, wrote on her business' Facebook page, where she posted the adorable image.

"It was a true pleasure photographing this family!" Posluszny told "With all the time it takes to get newborn photos, I was able to hear the stories about their lives as a firefighter and a police officer. [We] had lots of laughs!"

Enzo also posed for pics with both of his parents, who were dressed in their respective uniforms.

Enzo and his parents
EP Photography

And he even spent some time inside his mom's firefighter helmet.

baby in firefighter helmet
EP Photography

Too cute!!!

"It was so sweet watching them love on their new precious Enzo," Posluszny told us. "He is very much loved and definitely blessed and protected!"

baby with firefighter mom
EP Photography
Baby police father
EP Photography

"It means a lot knowing that we're both public servants, and I wanted to do a photo that included both him as a police officer, and me as a firefighter," Caroline explained to ABC News. "We keep saying Enzo's famous now."

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baby enzo in blue
EP Photography

"Caroline and I love our little superstar," Mirza added on his own Facebook page where he also shared the sweet shot. "Now if only daddy and mommy can retire early..."

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